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The Ponckhockie Congregational Church is the oldest poured concrete structure in the U.S. The faith of it's members is strong (and they welcome you to join them in Sunday Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. - see sermon topics below) but the historic physical structure is in need of repair. This site will soon be updated with historical information about the building and the congregation.

While this site is underdevelopment - we invite you to check out our gift store. Net profit from gift sales will help support repairs and preservation of the Ponckhockie Congregational Church.

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Historic building; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The Ponckhockie Congregational Church.
Abruyn Street at Delaware Avenue - Kingston - NY. 12401
(As it stood in the 1940's - the steeple was removed in
the mid 1960's after being damaged by lightning)

The Ponckhockie Congregational Church as in looked in nearly 130 years ago... as the Ponckhockie Union Sunday School

Sunday Worship Services Begin at 11:00 a.m.
Here are Topics for May and June 2001

Sunday May 13Lilies of the Valley - This special mother's day message is a reminder to all that a mother's love is like a beautiful flower. Why is the title "Lilies of the Valley"? Come and find out!
Sunday May 20 "Between a Rock and a Soft Place - Yes, as you might have guessed, the message rests this week on a subtle play on words. Life is filled with hard times and light times, and each are important to mold us into the believers we ought to be.
Sunday May 27Way Beyond the Blue - A message of promise. Heaven is a real place, unimaginable to even the most insightful human being. Come to worship this week and perhaps you will be enlightened as to what that place of eternal rest and peace is all about.
Sunday June 3 Could it be You Need A Shepherd? - By far, the most familiar and recognizable scripture passage in the whole Bible is the 23rd Psalm. Just about everyone knows it, but not many people really know what it means below the surface. Come this week and get a new slant on an old Psalm.
Sunday June 10 Worshipping From the Middle - This week you will hear a message NOT for the timid or politically correct person. Public officials often tout the fact that they govern "from the middle", so as to not offend anyone. But Christianity is not a religion with any "middle ground" to it. Come see why.
Sunday June 17 Where He Always Wanted to Be - This Sunday, hear a Father's Day message with a twist. I recently told my wife in great distress "My gosh, I'm turning into my father!!" That's not as bad as it sounds. You'll hear a little bit about my dad, and why he might be a bit like yours.
Sunday June 24 Junk - Rounding out the month of June, a message the pastor is really going to enjoy bringing to you. A famous author once wrote that his brain contains a "Junk file" that just for fun and relief he offloads once in a while on an unsuspecting public. Pastors have a file like that too, and if you come to church this week, you might find some of this "junk" to be just what the doctor ordered.